Saturday, November 17, 2012

An t-Samhain 

  The start of the southern summer.  So whats been happening?  Well life has been getting in the way of gaming but as every gamer knows that's nothing new.  The groups I play in have expanded a little and the different stories and games have contracted.  The Sunday Skype group welcome a new group member while fare-welling the Stars Without Number game and the Mystery Men game.  Now we are focusing on two games, the Castles and Crusades Keryl and the Infinite Powers supers game Sentinels AD which is a continuation of the original supers Sentinels game set in the fore-mentioned Mystery Men rule set. The Monday Skype game continues in Barra under the AD&D first edition rules with another player added while the Wednesday face to face group continue their AD&D first edition game in Greyhawk.  
   This last group, comprising of 4 players and 9 characters will split up and head off in different directions and with different challenges, bringing each group in the setting to 4 characters, the days of schizophrenia are over! lol.  One group heads off to track down parts of a relic, stumbling across the first part in their last 'evil temple' dungeon crawl, a second will be given the job of helping with protecting the Wild Coast from the depredations of the evils that lie in the Pomarj, while the third group will be heading off in an unexpected direction.
  The Barra group continue to develop the story, last session we left off with the group, some town folk and nobles atop a hill celebrating the summer solstice in an ancient druidic circle and being attacked by something big and dark in the night sky with a meteor swarm about to hit the group. 
  The Keryl group are heading off into the far west on a mercantile trip that's 'a sure thing' (snort, chuckle).  Here the terrain and culture change dramatically and they will start to dabble in the 'big powers' machinations. 
Lastly the supers game will just be in part 2 of the first game session tomorrow night, rescuing some guy that seems to know them better than they now each other, from some sort of 'robots'.  The game (Sentinels AD) is set in three time periods, 1995, 2015, 3015, in New Zealand. 

  Well thats its for now, seems its gonna take a little more to get the players to come on board and start adding to the blog - well til then - Game On! and as Westley said to Fezzik- 'rest well and dream of large women'

Mensis Seeking #

Thinking about all of  'how or where the group met' stories for any of your characters, which was the most fun/innovative/unusual?