Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Endings and Beginnings...

So 2014 comes to a close.  The last few years have been very full with many many changes, personal, work related and gaming.  This year , while I have enjoyed playing many wonderful games and told some cool stories with many players and friends old and new this year I said goodbye to my longest standing player.  Dave started way back in the beginning in 80/81, playing Moldvay /Cook.  One of my three original players.  33 odd years aint bad in anyones book! Well times change, life takes us on different paths.  I'll just say thanks for all the fun, games, stories and most importantly friendship. Its been a great experience and thanks for sharing so much of your life with me matey.
2015 looks like an interesting year.  Several things planned on the horizon, both personal , like that trip to Europe ( after five years saving! lol), as well as letting my game of 25 some years of Barra have a rest and seeing what we can create with a new group of players in KAAtooM. Hopefully the Traveller group will continue to play from strength to strength and it will be satisfying to get a superhero game off the ground and sustained.  Those are a few of my goal/anticipations for '15.  Once I return from the annual camping trip I will start to record my take on an Original/1st ed  AD&D mix for KAAtooM over on the PHB blog as well as post the Players Handbooks to their respective locales in KAAtooM.  Well if I think of anything else before going off I'll put it up here, if not hope everyone out there has a happy and safe hoilday season and an awesome new year too!
Cheers and Game On!

Saturday, December 20, 2014


And so our group complete another year of gaming , this time the adventure costs them in the wallet as well as they gain some very important information about things for next year..portends of 2015... watch on and enjoy, see you all next year!  Have a happy and safe Holiday season, all the best for 2015!

Friday, December 19, 2014

Round up

So we are almost at the end of the year- have a few sessions to post..enjoy...

Firstly from the Monday night group there last few encounters...Barra 1.6 Adventure Ho!

Barra 1.7 Adventure Down

Barra 1.8 Adventure forth

Barra 1.9 Adventure wet

and lastly the final for this year and story in Barra 1.10 Adventures End

Our Tuesday group had many difficulties in being able to meet and play so we have changed somewhat.  Next year, with a third player we will continue the Marvels Age in the fifties and sixties under the ICONS rules.  Also welcome back Matt!

The Wednesday group managed a few more sesions before game close and here they are...

Elderlor 1.12 The Manor shows its Mysteries...

Elderlor 1.13 More and more mysteries...

And finally Elderlor 1.14 Closing Time...

The Saturday group of Traveller players goes on from strength to strength , here are the few final bar one for 2014...

Traveller: Starlight 3.0 1:Baku crew 2:Flash New Ship 3: $$$$$$$ 4:New Sector - What could possibly go wrong?

Traveller: Starlight 3.1 The Rescue

So one more game and that's it done for 2014. 

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Change, the one constant...

So as we come to the close of another year just felt I needed to evaluate the year in gaming.  So far the year has been one about change, we have tried many systems, stories and combinations of groups.  We have welcomed on board new players and seen some old players leave the scene.  Some of the newer players too have had to move on due to life's demands or just personal preference.
We've had many ups and several downs but at the heart endures the love and passion for this wonderful hobby.  I have had the priveledge to referee several games with a wide mix of players, be it age, experience or even time zone/nationality.  To those of you who dial in at those early hours I thank you for your commitment and passion to sit around the virtual table, game and shoot the breeze and open one's eyes to other perspectives.  I think this also part of gaming's allure.  You get the opportunity of not being so insular and develop tunnel vision in both your personal and gaming lives. So that's this year dealt too, many stories, some classic lines and clangers and some thought provoking situations.  Not bad after coming up on 34 years of gaming.  Lastly to those out there who have sat at now vacant chairs thanks for the excellent times of laughter and storytelling.  For those who are still ready and able to hang around for another out - here comes 2015! As always if you have just wandered by and reading this saying what the f...?!?  Contact me on my e-mail or leave a comment or take a punt and ask for an invite to one of the games - who knows - it could be a whole lot of fun!

Cheers and as always...Game on!