Monday, February 16, 2015

KAAtooM continues

Hi there , here's another two sessions carrying on the storyline that will be known as The Long Way...

KAAtooM 1.2 The Long Way Pt 1

KAAtooM 1.3 The Long Way Pt 2

Monday, February 2, 2015

KAAtooM 1.0 Overdue!

Welcome to the opening chapter of our new game using the modified version of 1st edition AD&D. Also welcome, from our Wednesday group, Finbar and our American colleague, Rick.
The group set out on their first solo mission for the Arrarratt Empire Army to find out and offer aid to a distant settlement that has fallen strangely silent.  On there first forray they encounter a brace of Rabbits, some villages in need and we leave the game on their first surprise encounter with... oh that you'll have to wait and see.  Enjoy and Game On!

KAAtoom 1.0 Overdue

Another two in the can!

First up the second  session of our ICONS group, trying to track down what has been stolen and where that might be  The ending holds a little  surprise - here is the Marvels Age Alphas 1.2 Lunatik!

Following this we played another session of our sci fi game in which the group are offered a break - a big one! (That's after a little big of pirate attack on their way planet side)  Here is TRAVELLER STARLIGHT 3.5  Motherlode!

Enjoy and Game On!