Thursday, July 30, 2015

Hey Hey!

Hello all. Just back from the holiday in Rarotonga so we'll be getting back into the gaming grove soonish.  To start with the last session of the KAAtooM game prior to leaving  for the afore mentioned trip.. KAAtooM 1.10 Hey - Bandits are people too!   Enjoy...

Friday, July 10, 2015

Whats happened?

So..  tis the eve of the next new game of Traveller.  In it we are using the Mongoose set of rules and the Orbital setting.  If you are interested in continuing to see how the guys go forth then click the Orbital in the Now Playing section to take you to the new blog, or just hit this link:   8+
Either way...Game on!

And whats been happening in KAAtooM?

Well we see the section given a new mission..its only a patrol - what could possibly happen!?!
KAAtooM 1.8 Just over that rise...

And KAAtooM 1.9 And around this corner...

See you here next time for...?

TRAVELLER STARLIGHT 3.13 Once more into the breach.. the end for real!

And so we turn the final page in this round of the story of the crew of the Shalimar (although this is only the second arc of a three arc story - well someday perhaps) . For now sit back and find out along with the crew some of the story that has has been just out of reach....