Friday, December 11, 2015

Well almost Happy Christmas and Merry New Year!

So the last bit of the year has screamed by.  We've had trouble with Hangout so haven't been able to record anything.  The group has managed to befriend a native of the 'Beastlands' who is acting as a guide. The group, taking advice from a wigged out Lizard Hedgewitch, are now wanting to head to something known as the 'Bone Steps', which happen to be in the heart of the Crocodilian Empire. Said Crocodile men being the most viscious and ruthless of in all the land. Joy!
The group decided, under the wisdom of the guide, to returne to his monastary to seek more knowledge before attacking the Crocdilian Empire. Fun days!

In other news over on 8+  we have concluded the TRAVELLER ORBITAL game and return to the Traveller STARLIGHT game.  Must be getting exciting as the game has gone from 6 memebrs up to 10.
Last game of the year will be the aforementioned Starlight, with, hopefully one more game of KAAtooM this coming Monday.
Been having some thoughts for next year.  May be experiementing further with my version of D&D and moving away a little more into a different playset, still based on AD&D 1st ed - look out for more on Preferences, Hacks and Brainstorms.

Lastly , if I dont get any more time to add to the blog before the Christams break... Have an enjoyable, happiness filled, safe and unforgettable holiday. Peace, Love and GAME ON!

(Oh and..just because....)

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Hey Hey!

Hello all. Just back from the holiday in Rarotonga so we'll be getting back into the gaming grove soonish.  To start with the last session of the KAAtooM game prior to leaving  for the afore mentioned trip.. KAAtooM 1.10 Hey - Bandits are people too!   Enjoy...

Friday, July 10, 2015

Whats happened?

So..  tis the eve of the next new game of Traveller.  In it we are using the Mongoose set of rules and the Orbital setting.  If you are interested in continuing to see how the guys go forth then click the Orbital in the Now Playing section to take you to the new blog, or just hit this link:   8+
Either way...Game on!

And whats been happening in KAAtooM?

Well we see the section given a new mission..its only a patrol - what could possibly happen!?!
KAAtooM 1.8 Just over that rise...

And KAAtooM 1.9 And around this corner...

See you here next time for...?

TRAVELLER STARLIGHT 3.13 Once more into the breach.. the end for real!

And so we turn the final page in this round of the story of the crew of the Shalimar (although this is only the second arc of a three arc story - well someday perhaps) . For now sit back and find out along with the crew some of the story that has has been just out of reach....

Monday, June 22, 2015

KAAtoom 1.7 The Long Way... part 6

And so the group take on their first big predator...a Yuan ti..some live, some die, nothing will be the same for the adventurers....

Saturday, June 20, 2015


So, we tried to finish the current Stardust but then life happened.  So we struggled through internet and tech failures to produce the character generation session for the Traveller:Orbital game... So if you are interested in character generation in Mongoose stick around, if it is a cure for your insomnia - sweet dreams, either way see you back here for the final of Stardust next time.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Back to the start.....

So we pick up the story of our boys in the Empries army in the little village of Nishka - previously they were sent to find out what was happening as reports ceased - after defeating the community mummy they look around...

Saturday, May 23, 2015


Hi all, as situations conspired against having the main game play today , and thinking this may provide the perfect opportunity to familiarise another new player with the system we started a one shot adventure set in the Solomani Rim, in the Banasadan Subsector / Arcturus Subsector.  Unfortunately the player was unable to turn up and our other player who wasn't sure he could turn up managed to join in near the end... so we didnt achieve the goal but had a load of fun anyways - aint that what its all about?  Until the group can get together to complete the main story..enjoy...

Friday, May 22, 2015

TRAVELLER STARLIGHT 3.11 Heading Home....

So the group are traveling to a closure (of sorts) but first have  one or two things to complete....

KAAtooM:DURO 1.7 Into the light..

And so , the final chapter in this story  (for now). Seems to leave more questions than answers...

KAAtooM:DURO 1.5 This way?

Hmmm choices choices ...and the all have consequences....

KAAtooM:DURO 1.5 Under we go...

Chased underground by giants...and that's just the start of it!

KAAtooM:DURO 1.4 On that long long winding road...

Are we there yet!?!

KAAtooM:DURO 1.3 On the long winding road...

Our group seems to be traveling further than intended...

The Marvels Age:The ALPHAS 1.6 What a Difference a Day Makes...

After a few weeks trying to discover more from their trip to New Orleans - the call goes out from the West Coast and our Heroes answer the call...

The Marvels Age: The ALPHAS 1.5 King Creole Pt2

So the group have the Nefarious Villain cornered...or do they?

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

KAAtooM:DURO 1.2 What goes Bump in the Barn

Well our group of adventurers find some shady goings on  as well as being joined by two new players..Welcome Mark and Robert!1.2

Monday, March 30, 2015

What to do, what to do...

So our group was short a few members for our last Traveller game but they managed to accomplish a lot ( and not get shot at- well much anyways).  Watch on and enjoy with TRAVELLER: STARLIGHT 3.8 On the road again
(p.s. sorry about the lack of visuals - a slight error in working Hangouts and Screenshare- promise to do better next time)

New KAAtooM!

Hi all, while we wait for the full team to gather to continue the Long Way story we shift our focus more northward to DURO.  The next few games will take place in these climes and will then be our alt game should we not have enough players for our main game.  So enough with the introductions : we present  KAAtooM:DURO 1.0 Everything old is new again and KAAtooM:DURO 1.1 Look who dropped in...

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The End is in sight

And so the boys take their travels to a new height...or could that be depth? Watch on...

Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Hello  once again ( busy day!)  Well we had planned to play our scheduled game of ICONS and introduce a new/old player and character - Matt playing QUick Strike, but unfortunately Brian was suffering from bad jet lag and Andy was still recovering from some heavy duty surgery.  So  we will try again shortly and hope the adventures of our neophyte heroes will grace once more the pages of this blog - til then - GAME ON!


Greetings and salutations sentients!  Our story picks up where the group are pondering how deep they may have gotten into something that they may now be regretting.  This session was recorded in two parts due to some weird happening on Google Hangouts the day we played.. without further delay...

Pt One

Pt Two

KAAtoom 1.4 The Long Way Pt 3

Welcome to the on going story of our rag tag team .  Their story continues in KAAtooM! The Long Way Pt 3...

Monday, February 16, 2015

KAAtooM continues

Hi there , here's another two sessions carrying on the storyline that will be known as The Long Way...

KAAtooM 1.2 The Long Way Pt 1

KAAtooM 1.3 The Long Way Pt 2

Monday, February 2, 2015

KAAtooM 1.0 Overdue!

Welcome to the opening chapter of our new game using the modified version of 1st edition AD&D. Also welcome, from our Wednesday group, Finbar and our American colleague, Rick.
The group set out on their first solo mission for the Arrarratt Empire Army to find out and offer aid to a distant settlement that has fallen strangely silent.  On there first forray they encounter a brace of Rabbits, some villages in need and we leave the game on their first surprise encounter with... oh that you'll have to wait and see.  Enjoy and Game On!

KAAtoom 1.0 Overdue

Another two in the can!

First up the second  session of our ICONS group, trying to track down what has been stolen and where that might be  The ending holds a little  surprise - here is the Marvels Age Alphas 1.2 Lunatik!

Following this we played another session of our sci fi game in which the group are offered a break - a big one! (That's after a little big of pirate attack on their way planet side)  Here is TRAVELLER STARLIGHT 3.5  Motherlode!

Enjoy and Game On!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Hullo there

So we have almost got the next fantasy game ready to play.  Had one episode of the Superhero game and another of Traveller..

The Marvels Age: ALPHAS 1.1 A New Dawn

TRAVELLER STARLIGHT 3.4 Skuggabugg et al

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Hello bright and shiney 2015

Hello all.  Hope your New Years celebration went well and you have enjoyed times spent with family and friends.

So first game just finished for the 2015- a few more data packets discovered or uncovered.
Here it is: TRAVELLER STARLIGHT 3.3 Times they are a changing...