Sunday, May 4, 2014

TRAVELLER:STARDUST 2.9 R&R stands for?

Well the group acquit themselves fairly well and end up with a nice bonus...


So, gidday.  Been a while since I have had the chance to sit and blog something on the blog.  Apart from posting the games as they happen , and taking plenty of prep time for each one I haven't really been developing anything else - not a lot of time.

So where are they all heading?

Well I think they are all slowly marching in the general direction they had started  or been intended to at their conception.  Some have gone through several changes, Tavern Tales being the prime here, while each game has seen some amazing players come and go.  So if you ex-players are still reading this just wanted to take the time to say thanks for an awesome experience and hope you can find your way back to the gaming table again one day, hopefully mine.
As to direction guess it would be good for my own clarity to put it down somewhere.

TAVERN TALES is mired a little, had three major changes of group members and two reboots.  The group is still playing under 3.5 Ed D&D rules with the E6 modification.  We are experiencing difficulty in getting enough experience and survivability running through some modules to propel the group into the main storyline but the roleplaying and characterization is coming along in leaps and bounds.  I had hoped we could have been engaging in a few of the major storylines by now so I have some ideas to rectify this in the immediate future (for the players - bwha ha ha - you'll enjoy it (probably-probably not)).

HERO GUARD has finally gone through the cycle of different systems and , if I got it right from the players, they seem to be okay with the Mighty Six rules (based on the Mini Six rules, which itself is based on the old WESTEND D6 system aka Star Wars).  The group themselves have gone through several roster changes with only one of the original players still in the game - go Kioki! and they have always managed to have some unplanned humorous event happen in almost everyone of their sessions. The majority of the base storyline has been laid with the return of the original Hero Guard after decades of being stranded in an other dimension. Now the planned story arcs can start to be introduced - hope you guys enjoy the ride.

ELDERLOR, the late comer played under Swords & Wizardy rules, has had two reboots also and a slight change in group members but they seem to be getting to grips with the old school style of gaming and , at present, staying alive (just) and making mullah!  Now they just need to learn when to run!  They seem to be enjoying the dungeon crawl that is the Sinking Castle and I hope to detail the surrounding world more once they have completed the first level.  I hope they find it in them to want to pursue deeper into the lower depths of the semi submerged castle.  Also the game is designed to try and go back to replay/relive those 'first experience' adventures when we all started in this great past time (and I think we are succeeding to some extent in this).

Then finally that crazy game that is TRAVELLER:STARDUST.  The guys play with gusto, guts and grit.  I am hoping that they get to iron out some of the twists and turns that have been played out in the game so far, get reacquainted with some old friends (some good ole boys?), meet up with some old enemies (go Black Cell!) and make plenty of new adversaries (while making a buck of course and looking damn stylish while doing all this).  The group has undergone some player changes, the character Victor onto his third player and Ean onto his second - isn't it usually the other way round, player onto his xth character!? - just one of the gonzo things that happens in the game. Anyway the group seem to be settling into their second ship, the Silver Beetle -and I really thought there would be ruder names for it given their loss of the Ostlander- anyway they've taken it in their stride like everything else.  As you may tell I am having a lot of fun in the game.  Hoping the other three will kick start soonish and we can enjoy them just as much (not that everone isnt but there are moments hehehe).

Anyways that's my thoughts at the moment.  Oh yeah just a thought on the horizon,  in a word - BLACKMOOR!

PS- What would one of my bloggings be without:
MENSIS SEEKING #7 - When you 'take stock' of how your gaming is going, what do you prioritize to look at and what do you not worry about?