Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Mensis Seeking

Hi there inter-ether, perhaps it's just the randomness of real life but here's the question for December:
What's the most random event in any game, what impact did it have and did it become important to the game at any stage after that?

I'm going to start the ball rolling with one event that had huge major impact on a game.  During the first session of a 1st AD&D game in late 88 I randomly rolled an encounter with a White Dragon for a group of 4th level characters.  On the spot I made up the story that an evil magician had sent this beast out to slaughter all other magicians and issue a warning to all others not to oppose said villain.  The creature, true to its mission eliminated the group magician and then flew off.  The impact this random encounter had - created my longest running game- Barra- and set the scene for some very incredible story telling and game play for 24 years as well as practically writing the rest of the story/game for me for!

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