Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Time, time, time

Well its been a while since posting, life and slackness the main agents.  Any way here are the games we've played since last posting;


and ELDERLOR 1.5
were we see Patrick in action for the last time - farewell Pat, been  good having you at the 'table'

Now Tavern Tales 2.7... Welcome aboard Thomas!

and Tavern Tales 2.8 -... Welcome aboard Thomas! .

and  Tavern Tales 2.9 the group are almost there..

Moving left a little in genre...HERO GUARD 1.15

and with that Hero Guard is left dangling ( unfortunately we could not gather enough players to play out the final scene ( here's hoping in another dimension or at a future date we get to see how it plays out- Long live the Guard!)

and lastly the ongoing tales of our sci fi miscreants...    TRAVELLER:STARDUST 2.10


and lastly.. TRAVELLER:STARDUST 2.12

Now just for a little change in direction , the next Miners installment... 

MINERS 1.2 (ignore the name stamp on video)

well that's it for now, more to post later once the games are played, also the replacement game for Hero Guard will have a more pulpy/golden age feel to it showing casing the adventuring experience of a dynamic duo

Okay and for MENSIS SEEKING #8 - what has been your favorite system to play in and what could have made it better? 

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