Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Barra 5 1.5 Adventure Away!

So our group decided to investigate deeper and go underground with some nasty surprises and a song regaling us about their escapades...

♫Bravely down the deep dark hole,
Go our adventurers bold!
Down to the bottom the group hath climbed,
Nobody knowing, what we would find!
A dank dirty cavern, what a surprise,
The light cantripp'd stone is blinding our eyes!
Forward we go, Valasca leading the way,
Searching for tracks of our unknown prey!
Across a crumbly bridge, a ramshackle door looms,
And to our side, weak supports that could spell our dooms!
The door is misshapen and is poorly made,
And yet in front of it, our traps are now laid!
Along a side passage, Valasca still in front,
The party moves onward in this big treasure hunt!
Sneakily we move, along this narrow path,
When suddenly three Giant Centipedes appear, bearing much wrath!
They bite and they bite, Valasca and Helja both drop,
But Jerrick shoots fire, and nabs one with a sizzle and pop!
Two more remain, a horrifying sight,
as Valasca and Helja lie unconscious, despite all of their might!
Laurel moves in, whip lashing out from her hand,
Slapping the Centipede with a force that it could not stand!
The last Centipede comes scuttling, up on the wall,
Going for Thokk, but it made a misstep and took a big fall!
Thokk takes aim, and brings his hammer down like a rock,
As he shouts to the heavens "CENTIPEDE GET THOKKED!"
I rush over to our unconscious and poisoned heroes two,
And use my medical prowess, to cleanse both their wounds!
As we all take, a much needed rest,
I use my healing magic to make them feel the best!
Onwards we go, a secret door we do find,
And open it goes with a bump and a grind!
Into the room, Thokk and Helja enter with a grin,
and alert the beasts slumbering within!
Shambling and groaning, appear two abominations ahead,

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