Friday, December 11, 2015

Well almost Happy Christmas and Merry New Year!

So the last bit of the year has screamed by.  We've had trouble with Hangout so haven't been able to record anything.  The group has managed to befriend a native of the 'Beastlands' who is acting as a guide. The group, taking advice from a wigged out Lizard Hedgewitch, are now wanting to head to something known as the 'Bone Steps', which happen to be in the heart of the Crocodilian Empire. Said Crocodile men being the most viscious and ruthless of in all the land. Joy!
The group decided, under the wisdom of the guide, to returne to his monastary to seek more knowledge before attacking the Crocdilian Empire. Fun days!

In other news over on 8+  we have concluded the TRAVELLER ORBITAL game and return to the Traveller STARLIGHT game.  Must be getting exciting as the game has gone from 6 memebrs up to 10.
Last game of the year will be the aforementioned Starlight, with, hopefully one more game of KAAtooM this coming Monday.
Been having some thoughts for next year.  May be experiementing further with my version of D&D and moving away a little more into a different playset, still based on AD&D 1st ed - look out for more on Preferences, Hacks and Brainstorms.

Lastly , if I dont get any more time to add to the blog before the Christams break... Have an enjoyable, happiness filled, safe and unforgettable holiday. Peace, Love and GAME ON!

(Oh and..just because....)

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