Monday, January 2, 2017

New Beginnings

Hi there and welcome to 2017!  To start it off the group have decided to move on to a new game set in my 30+ years game of Barra.  The first session had four of the players set up their characters and start becoming familiar with the setting....

Andy: Thorin Female K'rKian Human Fighter
Syd: Maegen  Male Vegan Human Fighter
Dan: Tatwald Male Sar Kein Human Theif
Josh: Ongen Halfling Druid originally from Tumby

Grim: Wolf hunter from Briarhollow
Lar: Peakesrest owner
Ezalda: Lars common wife

Northern end of the Serpentine in the Peaksrest Last Homely House of Rest.

2 Undey of Sunfull Year 1036

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