Saturday, August 26, 2017

Hm food for thought...

Saw this on another blog site and wanted to spread the word...



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  2. Hi, it's Pierre. It is inevitable that, after decades, gamers now in high academic positions want to ponder what the hobby has done to us. We mustn't overreach conclusions without strict clinical surveying and evidence.
    Personally, I've mastered the trick of arguing that my spell stats should succeed with one side of my mouth while continuing to insert cheese-puffs into the other side...
    Also the great "Satanism" controversy has been settled. I testify that the only "occult" thing I saw in a game of D&D was that each player brings in 7 or 8 2-liter bottles of soda pop and at the end of the evening they are all drained.
    We can't explain it.
    We DON'T talk about it.

    1. Never ever ever talk about the bags of potato chips that seemingly disappear into air as well - (but my moneys on some sort of 9th dimensional invasion!)