Friday, August 24, 2012

While we adjust the vertical...

Hi there, just thought I'd start up a monthly question sort of thing .  So here goes the first one:
Mensis Seeking #1
What was the most enjoyable death of one of your player characters and why?


  1. My Druid died recently, he turned a corner & walked into a fireball.

  2. Damn you Scott! You killed Ben!

  3. I had a Wizard and a Warlock in Dragon Warriors... I liked my Warlock more (as you do) and forgot about my Wizard as we moved into an ambush. And I forgot about my Wizard as he became a pin cushion.

  4. There are sooo many to choose from
    lets see

    Hearing a member of the party cry "BUNS" as my character was engulfed by a cloaker springs to min.

    " Well at least I lasted longer than the white bitch "

    how many more can I remember

    1. Nooo Not Buns!!

    2. Member of the A team - killed by Hobgoblins
      Member of the B team - Skeletons at a Cairn
      Member of the C team - Killed by bugbears
      member of the D team - Actually made it to level 1

    3. Those were the deaths, but what made them enjoyable?

  5. I remember assasinating a PC in Shadowrun. Me and the other players really did not like the way this PC was developing (he wanted to become a vampire which would have made his use as a decker, he was also an elf which made him nigh on useless as we were primarily a wetwork team). So we conspired with the GM and hired an expensive hitman to kill him. It was a exciting and yet sad moment. Lots of secret phone calls and discussions outside of the game session.

    An ugly moment in hindsight.