Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hello..hello? Is anyone out there?

Well I guess like many things, birthing a blog can be difficult.  So I was wondering about the folk that have visited the blog so far  ( yeah I'm turning into a Blog obsessed creature and seeing where the audience is coming in from) what their thoughts are, or if they have no thoughts or critiques,  any ideas what they might like to see included in these pages?  Open to all relevant suggestions here.  Of course people who are acting in a 'seagull' manner (where someone flies in, dumps a load of crap on the blog then flies off) will be ignored until they can assume nominal human social interaction protocols. So... please .. ideas gratefully accepted.


  1. The pic in the header is too big & takes up my whole screen. Shrink it or find something smaller. I see not text body when I open the page so I don't know if anything new is up on the page without scrolling down.

  2. Hmm interesting, have tested this on several different machines and looks ok on them... will try and sort this.... :)