Wednesday, September 19, 2012

All Timey Whimey

Hey there, almost the end of September huh?  Lot happens in a short space of time.
So , originally this was a place to create a discourse about some of the games we play down here and some of our previous experiences.  Well I guess I sort of have done some of the latter so its about time I wrote about the former.
Well the big game, Barra, in 1st ed AD&D  has gotten under way to a good start.  The group have managed to weather the worst winter in Skagin and deal with a Wendigo to boot.  Of course the hints were there - DON'T GO OUTSIDE!, but hey adventurers do what adventurers do - in other words they went out.  So whether by luck or design (the Magic User and Group Leader chucked what the Wendigo wanted at the beast, placating it)  they manged, after getting attacked by the beast and getting dealt a severe blow to collected egos, to resolve the challenge.  Great really considering the body count from the civilians involved got up to four before the group finished this arc of the story.

The other games have been on hold  as we are exploring some of the other players games they wanted to run.  Our friend from Finland is playing out his ad hoc wargaming story, Nuriel Stormchaser (over there in Members, hint hint!!) has started the Shadowrun game and , although some one hogged most of the action ( why are you all looking at me!?!?) I think we all enjoyed where it's going.

On the horizon is a new extension to the superhero game, Sentinels, based in 1995, 2015 and then 3015 AD.  This time we'll be trying out a new system which I purchased when I was in Melbourne, Oz from Milsims ( great gaming store by the way) this year called Infinite Power.  I will put down some thoughts on the system over on P.H.B. (along with a stat out of the Wendigo from above if anyone would like to use it).  Anyway the system seems to support almost any concept easily, which at times, in some systems,  say the same, requires a lot of pokery jiggery. 
Recently on Skype I meet another player, from Brisbane, Oz who was interested in playing with the group who also wanted to play in a game of Pathfinder, which I have called Shad'RaHar.  So thats on the list this Thursday night and then Sunday its back to the sci fi Outland game.  More on the progress of each game later.  Have fun, adventure boldly and be well

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