Tuesday, September 4, 2012

And so it goes...

Hi there once again.  Well due to the overwhelming response.. er.. hmm, well yes.  I hope at sometime, somewhere, in some dimension this is read beyond the small group that have been so kind to indulge me thus far.
So on to it.
Well reports on my various gaming groups are slow in coming, due mainly in part to the groups being a little disjointed of late, and also in my own slackness.  Once we get back into things I hope we can start posting about the goings on of each story.  I guess a brief idea of what each is doing etc could prove useful.
One group plays via Skype and plays three main games ;

          1: Keryl, which is a fantasy based game, home-brew world that is a combination of Swords &Sorcery/Sci-fi (well there goes a little bit of hidden info for the players)/Lovecraftian/Pulp styles.  It is played in Castle and Crusades 4th Ed with some house rules around class and races.  It is hoped that the group will eventually be able to travel the whole world and experience the three main 'cultural attitudes', along with the various monsters , tricks and trap (may even be a little magic thrown in for good measure)
           2: Outlander, a sci fi game reminiscent of Blade Runner, Outland (Connery) and Total Recall (Arnie's version), with a touch of old school Traveler feel, played in the excellent Stars without Numbers system by Kevin Crawford from Sine Nomine Publishing.  They have 8 sectors to travel through and explore.  Their starting point was to steal their previous boss's ship ( they were couriers) after he was 'mysteriously killed' and his corporation was taken over.
           3: Lastly they are playing a super hero based game called the Sentinels ( although that isn't the name of their group) set roughly in an alternative late 50's setting.  We are using another excellent system called Mystery Men, created by John Stater of Land of Nod fame.

We play several other games, one player referees Dungeonslayers while we will be playing a Shadowrun 1st Ed game very soon refereed by a different player.  We also have a new-to-the-world of gaming player who is trying out his own system.

A second group (composed of some players from the first group and some others) are playing in an old gaming world of my design called Barra.  Its been around since 1988, has gone through 1st, 2nd, 3.5, Osric and Castles and Crusades systems.  We have gone full circle and this incarnation is played in 1st Ed AD&D. Because of the age of this world the various groups and players over the intervening 24+ years have played in almost every corner of this world.  At present we have returned to focus on the goings on on a small island in the far north with a basic Norse/Finnish/Celtic feel.  Its mainly gritty with the odd bit of high fantasy thrown in to spice things up a little.

Lastly I have a small face to face group of three that play in Greyhawk, again in 1st Ed AD&D.  The setting is in the Wild Coast and is played out a few years before the Battle of Emridy Meadows . They play multiple characters (a total of 7 adventurers at present so the schizophrenia that is evident at times is very entertaining.)

So you can see I favour the older systems a lot and enjoy their particular challenges and style over more current systems (although we have had a good share of those too!)

Well that's about it for now.  Next time I hope to test your patience a little more with some further background about some of the games and experiences myself and players have  had through the eighties.

Cheers for now