Thursday, June 27, 2013

Googling the Net

Last night, after my own great face to face game I decided to take a look at a game I was invited to by Mark Knights.  It was a game hosted on hangouts using the Roll20 virtual table top.  Although I was only lurking and watching the 'On Air' version I saw a little of the Roll20 action, what was more fun, the game and participants.  It reminded me a lot of when I played Traveller and the awesome antics the players would get up to in going about and exploring their Universe.  I have to admit the look on Mark's face sometimes reminded me of some of my own 'inner turmoil' when refereeing the game as well as the good-natured ribbing between everyone of my own experiences way back when.  So if you have the time I would strongly recommend that you hook up with someone who is playing and running an On Air of their game that interests you, its almost like being there and if nothing else you get a couple of good laughs and cheap entertainment for a few hours.  Well done guys! Long live the crew (hopefully!!!) of the LarkSong!


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