Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Tempus Fugit

Well here I am almost halfway through 2013 and with nary an entry since late January. Well life has made it difficult to think let alone blog so that's my excuse and I'll stick with it.
Anyway the various gaming groups have been going through their evolutions and at present we stand paused to start afresh with the three main groups - Barra rebooted two sessions ago, returning to where it all started on the island of Skagin. Keryl likewise returning to the Berris Coast and environs, yet to start - the winters bugs are winning! (lol), and the Wednesday night face to face group is rebooting their Greyhawk game after a few months of trying out Basic D&D.
My project of producing a small Fanzine , thank you to Darth and Jason for your contributions , is slowly slowly crawling into the light of day.
On another note I am slowly making my way through the next net experience known as Google Hangouts, Plus et al in the hope of connecting to a wider gaming experience (yeah I know I'm years behind everyone else but better late than never aye!)

Well that's all for now, hope to see you sooner than later
Game on!

PS - Just couldn't resist - Mensis Seeking #6:  What gets in the way of your gaming fix?

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