Sunday, December 7, 2014

Change, the one constant...

So as we come to the close of another year just felt I needed to evaluate the year in gaming.  So far the year has been one about change, we have tried many systems, stories and combinations of groups.  We have welcomed on board new players and seen some old players leave the scene.  Some of the newer players too have had to move on due to life's demands or just personal preference.
We've had many ups and several downs but at the heart endures the love and passion for this wonderful hobby.  I have had the priveledge to referee several games with a wide mix of players, be it age, experience or even time zone/nationality.  To those of you who dial in at those early hours I thank you for your commitment and passion to sit around the virtual table, game and shoot the breeze and open one's eyes to other perspectives.  I think this also part of gaming's allure.  You get the opportunity of not being so insular and develop tunnel vision in both your personal and gaming lives. So that's this year dealt too, many stories, some classic lines and clangers and some thought provoking situations.  Not bad after coming up on 34 years of gaming.  Lastly to those out there who have sat at now vacant chairs thanks for the excellent times of laughter and storytelling.  For those who are still ready and able to hang around for another out - here comes 2015! As always if you have just wandered by and reading this saying what the f...?!?  Contact me on my e-mail or leave a comment or take a punt and ask for an invite to one of the games - who knows - it could be a whole lot of fun!

Cheers and as always...Game on!

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