Friday, December 19, 2014

Round up

So we are almost at the end of the year- have a few sessions to post..enjoy...

Firstly from the Monday night group there last few encounters...Barra 1.6 Adventure Ho!

Barra 1.7 Adventure Down

Barra 1.8 Adventure forth

Barra 1.9 Adventure wet

and lastly the final for this year and story in Barra 1.10 Adventures End

Our Tuesday group had many difficulties in being able to meet and play so we have changed somewhat.  Next year, with a third player we will continue the Marvels Age in the fifties and sixties under the ICONS rules.  Also welcome back Matt!

The Wednesday group managed a few more sesions before game close and here they are...

Elderlor 1.12 The Manor shows its Mysteries...

Elderlor 1.13 More and more mysteries...

And finally Elderlor 1.14 Closing Time...

The Saturday group of Traveller players goes on from strength to strength , here are the few final bar one for 2014...

Traveller: Starlight 3.0 1:Baku crew 2:Flash New Ship 3: $$$$$$$ 4:New Sector - What could possibly go wrong?

Traveller: Starlight 3.1 The Rescue

So one more game and that's it done for 2014. 

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