Monday, January 29, 2018


So... been a while.  That September / October thing turned into something else.  After the needed time away from gaming  we started back up with a game that has been running on and off since 1988.  The group that survived until the end managed to complete the story line  ( the first Saga/Arc in the Barra story). For all those who played in that game world from 1988 until the end of 2017 - a big thank you for all the enjoyment, camaraderie and storytelling epic stuff returning a billion souls, 400,000 years of history and the two greatest Mages to the world of Barra!  I have decided to take a short rest and just try a few games, playing and DM-ing until mid year when I will ask if the group is ready to start up once again or if they would like to do something different.  For now I am in Calimterra DM'd by one of the folk to last til the end of the Barra cycle, Dave.  Hope to add more on here soon - see you then and until that time - GAME ON!

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