Sunday, February 11, 2018

Idle hands

So, had a lot of time on my hands after finishing the Barra game and that gave me the opportunity to start considering what to do next. Apart from playing in Dave's game in Callimterra and considering many alternative rule sets I have settled on something familiar - no surprise there!  B/X Advanced rule set.  It is by and large a continuation of B/X into Advanced Dungeons and Dragons but without all of its rule complexities.  It introduces some new ideas -funny enough things  i was considering implementing in my next game.  I have gone a little further and , inline with the theme of the story - after the Fall of the world - house ruled some more and am interested to see what the players will make of it.  More later...Cheers and Game On!


  1. I would be curious as to what you come up with. Not sure I can play, since I am on the other side of the planet, but would like an invite so I can see the recordings. As you know I am working on my own homebrew OD&D, so I am interested in your ideas regarding B/X mechanics.

  2. Its a book bought out by a guy, available on driverpg for pay what you want ( the no art version) - it has some ideas i was considering on the Preferences and brainstorms website